Camera sharing now available, groupie makes it incredibly simple to capture all of the photos from any event

Why take a selfie when you can take a groupie?

Toronto, Dec 17, 2015: groupie announced today the launch of the first “real-time camera sharing” app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Going out? Just start a new groupie, invite friends and all cameras will be shared during the event. Hate missing most of the great photos from an event? groupie will help to capture them all!

In the past, people had to rely on Facebook, email, Dropbox, etc… to try to get all of the photos from an event. Of course, these methods almost never got the wanted photos and typically cause frustration amongst friends. Now groupie will do away with all of that frustration.

Groupie has closed a seed round of financing led by Extreme Venture Partners with a number of angel investors from around Toronto participating. groupie has been welcomed into the Extreme Venture Partners (EVP) family. EVP has had a successful track record with investments such as Chango, Locationary, J2Play & ThinkDataWorks.

“This team understands easy. I’ve never seen an app that is so simple and lets me gather all of the great photos from an event” says Sunil Sharma, Managing partner at Extreme Venture Partners, “I’ve had a dozen cases in just the last month where I needed this app, we’re excited to have them in the EVP family”.

This holiday season let groupie do all the work gathering and sharing users photos so the focus can be on what really matters. Tis the season full of celebration & loads of pictures, groupie promises to never let the user miss a great moment. Office parties, family dinners, or vacations, groupie offers the platform to keep memories mobile. Anyone who has joined the groupie can watch in real-time as photos stream in from around the event, all shared cameras acting like your own. groupie also has a feature for event hosts to add their logo and text to every photo for a little extra brand recognition. Brands such as Steamwhistle Brewery, Dalhousie University & Tech in Motion have used this feature on all the captured photos taken at their events.

About groupie

groupie was founded in 2015 with the mission to make amazingly simple real-time camera sharing a reality for everyone. Photos are the best way to create memories and too many of them are stuck on a friend’s phone never to be enjoyed and remembered by all.

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